A Brand New Blend of Jazz, World and Classical Music.

Contextual is a combination of soundscapes or sound "contexts", that co-exist, converse, interact and alternate. Petros' compositions flirt with the Jazz of New York, derive their sensitivity from Romanticism and are strongly influenced by the mood of the Eastern Mediterranean music tradition.

Petros Klampanis' complex and rhythmic use of bass is pleasurably intriguing with his strong feel and pulse, the confident pizzicato sounding, you can hear his Mediterranean personality shining through.

Improvisation master, Jean-Michel Pilc, creates a huge variety of sounds and evokes intimate emotions, through his sophisticated improvisations on the piano.

Gilad Hekselman 's skills are impressive, with his immaculate technique, fluid and glossy tone and dynamic sensitivity. The seeming ease in which he glides around his guitar provides a variety of beautiful sounds and harmonics, captivating everyone present.

John Hadfield’s musicality moves from Indian to Latin, from Balkan to the West African percussive tradition and finally comes to rest in Jazz.

Contextual string 4tet musicians are acclaimed performers:

Megan Gould and Maria Manousaki/violin, Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin/viola, Yoed Nir/cello.

Klampanis/Hekselman/Janke(GPB trio)

"A true discovery"

"You don't often experience a trio which breathes in such a collective manner"

(Die Rheinpfalz, May 2010)

The trio Hekselman/Klampanis/Janke started working in New York 2009 and has been touring in Europe regularly since then. Thanks to the strong musical expression of each member it presents a contemporary mixture of jazz and world music. Diverse ethnical influences from Middle East, Southern Europe, Asia, The Balkans, India and Africa are mingled in a virtuosic way with an utmost sensitivity and colorfulness by guitar, bass, drums and percussion. These three young masters make their cultures interblend, their melodies dance, their rhythms smile and take each audience to a novel concert experience.




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"A formidable player and composer,

bassist Petros Klampanis [...] makes his auspicious Stateside debut

with Contextual."

Bill Milkowski, Jazztimes Magazine.

"Contextual is one of the most exciting records I have heard from a bassplayer in years. The writing and playing is excellent, with a very good sound and a wide spectrum of musical ideas."

Arild Andersen, bassist, composer.

"Excellent writing and playing. I especially like Petros' aggressive melodicism, beautiful intonation, and uniquely personal string writing."

Drew Gress, bassist, composer.

"An amazing project."

Greg Osby, saxophonist, composer, producer.

Klampanis plays solo bass with overdubs to create a double bass orchestra on Basscope and Blue Cave, which are done so masterfully that you'd think it was a full symphony.

Kevin Johnson,