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Petros Klampanis is a musician who has always spoken from the heart.

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Mr. Klampanis thoughtful new album, “Minor Dispute,” incorporates chamber string arrangements and a worldly, streamlined rhythmic pulse.

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"A formidable player and composer."

"Irrationalities is a multifaceted, thing of beauty."

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What comes as a beautiful surprise is the diversified approach
he utilises in his compositions and performance.


Klampanis is a Bass Ace.

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Klampanis envisions a colourful, unreal, urban cosmos.


Klampanis has long since freed himself from the role of the mere accompanist.

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Klampanis plays solo bass with a loop pedal to create a “double bass orchestra”
on “Basscope” and “Blue Cave,” which are done so masterfully that you’d think
it was a full symphony.

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This is very emotional music, where the assembled players
bring all their interpretive skills to bear as they figuratively
scale mountains, wrestle seas and find a place of centered calm.

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